it's still king
We raise only 100% grass fed and grass finished beef.
We use Hereford, Shorthorn and Angus beef cows for maximum grass
conversion efficiency. We never feed grains, antibiotics or hormones or
anything not allowed by the National Organic Program (NOP).

Our cattle stay outside in the fresh air and sunshine to frolic on the grass. We move them to a fresh piece
of grass daily to help control pests and to offer them fresh feeding ground. When the grass gets thin as it
will at certain times of the year, their fresh ground is supplemented with a wagon load of fresh cut grass
from one of our other certified organic fields, as well as a few bales of stored grass (hay) from our own
fields. They receive free choice mineral supplement to ensure they get all their trace minerals.

We raise happy cows here. They live a life of ease and it shows. Happy cows can be seen
playing in the fields. Because their needs are always met by our close attention to them, they
have time and energy to play. They are clean, healthy and well cared for. This gives them a
life as near stress free as possible, which in turn makes better beef. We pride ourselves on
our close personal attention to each of these individually distinguishable characters.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

I won't go into all the benefits of a totally grass based beef diet. You can find loads of that
information all over the internet and then some. Rest assured, if it is what you want, we have
it. We have found there is indeed no need for grain in a bovine diet, contrary to what the
feedlot operators want you to believe. It only turns a good thing into a bad thing in disguise.

We offer what we call "June Beef" in the summer months.
This is beef that finished on the fast growing grasses of the spring. This diet is abundant and
high in the natural plant sugars at this time of year and offer a tasty and filling feed to the
herd. It is the finishing experience that the fall corn fattened beef tries to mimic but with far
superior taste and health benefits in the finished beef for the consumer. These are 2 year old
steers and we use these as "steak cows" because they offer the tender beef suitable for
steaks. Offered as split sides, sides, or wholes in the summer.

In the winter months we will process our oldest cows into cuts of beef
that are winter cooking friendly, after their last calves are at least 6 months old. Roasts, stew
beef, meaty soup bones, etc.. There will be a little fast cooking meat included, as ground
beef and cutlets (minute steaks).There are otherwise no steaks from this beef because they
would be on the tough side, being from an old cow. But the years of accumulated growth and
nutrition offer an excellent flavor and the slow cooking, kitchen warming methods of stewing
and roasting are perfect for this meat and comforting in the home during the cold winter
months!  We offer them as 1/8 cow packages.