On this page you'll find the combinations of pork packages which are
Figure 30 lbs of take home pork needs 1 cu ft of freezer space

Custom packages available at your request. Contact me for this!

Shipping cost not included in the listed prices
Pork package "HALF FRESH" is a package of 1/2 of our regular
sized pigs. These pigs are Tamworth, Berkshire, Hampshire crossed.  
Deposit is $100 and the package will contain the following:
Chops, cut 1" thick and 2 per package
Loin Roast at approx 3 lbs
Shoulder Roasts at approx 3 lbs
Shoulder Steaks cut 3/4" thick and 2 per package
Ground Pork and/or Sausage
FRESH Half Ham
FRESH Ham Steaks
FRESH Sliced Bacon

Here's a quick list of what is available. For details scroll down further to find the exact package
you are interested in. As always, do not hesitate to call, text, or email me with any questions!

1/2 Regular Pig Package "HALF FRESH"  (2 left)  approx 80 lb take home weight... $600
                                           OR I will split this and give you a 1/4 pig for $300