Pasture Raised
Certified Organic
Fed No Soy and No Corn
(a little bit of a scary sight with nothing but some little wires strung near the ground to keep
them from running off)

Raised Outdoors With Pasture And Woods, They Also Receive
Supplemental Certified Organic No Soy and No Corn Feed Daily. Instead
of Soy, They Eat Flax, Sunflower, Field Peas, Alfalfa and Forage.

They Are Available At Various Times Of The Year.
A Limited Supply Is Available As Always Because
We Ain't No Pork Factory.

Ham, Bacon, Pork Chops, Ribs, Sausages, Ham Hocks, Loin Roasts,
Pulled Pork, Roast Pork, Tenderloin...

Pork is available year round as a rule if purchasing "cuts" from our freezers.

Sides (1/2 pigs) are available only at certain times of the year.

Your price for purchasing a side includes all the usual fees for the butcher, BUT, there are certain value
added costs that we must pass on to you if you choose them.
Sausage making is an additional 75 cents a pound for the amount of sausage you have made if more than
the usual amount of trim from your pig, such as "I want all sausage, that's all I like".. Curing and smoking of
ham hocks, hams and bacons and anything else you want cured and smoked is an additional 75 cents per
pound for conventional curing and smoking for those items only, or if you want the No-Nitrate curing and
smoking done it is an additional $1.95 per pound  for the meat you have processed this way.

When your pork is not cured and smoked it is referred to as fresh. So...

Recently I have been experimenting with using the bacons fresh and instead cooking and seasoning them
while cooking or right after taking them from the pan. Delicious! You can still get it sliced just like the bacon
you are used to making it easy to cook this way. Also I use "chunk" bacon and dice it, cook and season for
use in other things, like lasagna, salad topper, use your imagination. More versatile!  A real cost saving.
Save that fat and use like lard for cooking other stuff. This is a good way to keep a steady supply of small
amounts of fat for cooking. And it's just good clean fat, not loaded up with salt and smoke flavor! I strongly
suggest you give this a try.

Ham and ham slices I have used fresh and found the same to be true.
Cooked on the grill is extra special, I rub with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary first.  
Oven roasted still awesome and again, so versatile.
Pan fried too, quick and easy.

I use the hocks fresh or put them on the grill to give them a little smoke flavor for adding to pots of greens or
beans or pea soup making or just eating!

All this from the pig without paying extra for curing and smoking it all!

You can have only part of your cut as "fresh" and have the rest cured and smoked as usual. This way you
can try it without committing to have all your pork done this way. Maybe you'll find that half and half works
very well for you and you'll always want to do it that way.

I also have been using the ground pork more instead of having the butcher make sausage for me. Again
the cost of sausage making continues to go up so it makes sense to find ways to reduce the cost there.
There is no extra charge to just provide ground pork.  I have a few recipes for adding my own spice to
make various sausages that allow me to control the amount of salt in it and use my own organic

Check out our pork recipes page for ideas.
Not many there but always adding something new when it's tried and true.

See our "Order Form" page for pricing and to order sides of pork.
See our "Current Price List" page for pricing of individual cut.